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It's been said...

... hand making jewelry is time and skill of an artist preserved in a work. Our custom designs reflect a style of jewelry making we believe is most meaningful.


Wayne Plumadore


After 12 years working as a jeweler creating diamond and other gemstone settings, performing repairs, hand engraving, and fabrication, I left to become a stay-at-home Dad and start my own business - Iron Point Jewelry. 


The name comes from one of my favorite kite-surfing spots. My love of nature, the outdoors, and my family's love of traveling inspires much of my work. I love the outdoors and our planet, and believe everyone should have a solid opportunity to live happily and healthy out there.  


It's because of my love of our planet that Iron Point Jewelry has a conscious manufacturing model. We work hard to use domestic and/or ethically sourced new and recycled materials. All gemstone sales, including diamonds, have a known origin from natural mines or are created with carbon neutral technology. 


The ethical creation of our products is a high priority. We aim for our jewelry to tell a story you can share with pride, and that sets our pieces apart - making them truly special.


I'm willing to go above and beyond to make sure my customers are educated on the processes involved in making and repairing jewelry so that they have clear expectations throughout our time working together.


We can create a custom piece of fashion or bridal jewelry that is just as unique as you are.


Rhodium plating is the process that gives white gold its ultra white color by placing a coating over the existing metal.


Our engravings are done by hand which adds flare and beauty to our work. We engrave jewelry as well as firearms and other heirlooms.


Regular jewelry inspections help maintain your jewelry and are important for long-term care. We offer jewelry and gemstone inspection services.


From a cracked ring to a broken prong, we will find the best option so your jewelry can be worn safely and is sized to fit comfortably.


Diamonds and gemstones can come loose in settings. If your stones are loose we can secure them ASAP. 


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